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Michael Wistock conducts an extensive interview with Movie SFX legend Don Bies. Don has worked on #starwars and many other films over his long career. He's recently set up his own production company, White Room Artifacts. He gives us some of the stories behind Star Wars, Yoda, Chewbacca, and so much more. An exciting one hour. Subscribe on iTunes!

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Grant Imahara of Lucasfilm and "Mythbusters" fame opens the show as we interview the creators of Utopiates and Titanium Rain Josh Finney and Kat Rocha join us for Episode 52 of the Science Fiction Show. Our conversation includes full background on their graphic novel Utopiates, a shout out to Bill Willingham, Josh talking about getting shot and recovery from PTSD; how heroin addiction in the music industry played a huge role in writing Utopiates; Music in writing; is Titanium Rain good Michael Bay film fodder (and did TR become studio fodder?); the making of the TR audio drama; "Tipping the Goofy Meter"; Josh and Kat's collaborative process; their new Lovecraft anthology and MUCH more. Subscribe on iTunes!

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Episode 51 is JAMMED from end to end with good stuff, including: the debut of Austin May, cartoonist for "Air Force Blues," Why Jason isn't into Big Bang Theory, James Bond innuendos, Jessica Tozer and the hipster party, Michael's Dr. Who lessons, Women who love Science Fiction, women who play video games, Jessica's work with the US Defense Department and the Armed with Science blog, Asteroid Mining, Real robotics vs. SciFi robotics, Do robots have souls, Star Trek vs. Star Wars plus how Jessica got SLAPPED because of it and what science advances would she like to see next. Subscribe on iTunes and look for us in the Geekie Awards podcast category! (1 hour, 36 minutes)

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JJ Abrams gets the new Star Wars film and we are ALL OVER IT. Plus: Revenge of the Cyst, best Star Wars director, Dan Bethel mention, "My Khan needs to comewith fine Corinthian leather," and. umm ... Where 's Keith?


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Lucasfilm/Disney, Hobbit review, Bond Films, Bond chase scenes, Bond quiz, Best/Worst Bond scenes and theme songs, new Star Trek,  Tron: Legacy, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Halo 4 review, name dropping, Fringe, singing, fighting, impressions, Avengers overrated? A new Battlespace book? THE BEST PRESHOW POSSIBLY EVER??? HOWARD THE DUCK! BENEDICT FREAKING CUMBERBATCH!!!!! Episode 50 is epic, made just for you and available now!   

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Various segments recorded during the live broadcast of the Science Fiction Show during Sci Fi Con 2012 at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. Interviews with Air Force Blues cartoonist Austin "Farva" May, Science Fiction author Michael Z. Williamson and author Stefan Alford. Plus a great wrap up segment interview with Con organizer Jarrod Garceau. Subscribe on iTunes and join us this week! PS, we're sorry the opening segment YELLS AT YOU!

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We wrap up our coverage of FACTS 2012 from Gent, Belgium, with three interviews, including Freakangels artist Paul Duffield. He talks about his work and the time with Warren Ellis. Then, we chat with R2 builder Stuart Bone, why he decided to invest so much in the robot and what makes it special. We also talk with 2K games representative John Ball about XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Subscribe on iTunes and don't miss an episode!

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Keith and Jason assault FACTS 2012 and come away with part 1 of a two part special that includes WALKING DEAD goodies! Norman Reedus? Interviewed! Charlie Adlard? INTERVIEWED! Plus, we make our rounds around the Con and bring in Michael to close out the end of the show. Don't miss Part 2 either! Subscribe on iTunes!

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In this special edition of the show, Michael takes us through the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Discover Science Center in Santa Ana, California. Michael got VIP tickets and saw into the nooks and crannies of the event. What did he see? Find out in this EXCLUSIVE episode! Subscribe on iTunes and help us spread the word.

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Jason, Keith and Michael are back talking about the Dark Knight Cartoon just released by DC. What did Jason think about his favorite graphic novel being turned into (finally) a full length movie? Jason discusses the recently released part 1. Also, Michael comes around to Prometheus AND John Carter. What brought him there? We also preview two upcoming apperances in Belgium and Germany. Subscribe on iTunes!

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