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The release of trailers for Logan, Rogue One, Assassin's Creed and Guardians of the Galaxy has Jason gabbing solo in this episode  as audio issues plague having Keith and Josh recording along. In the intro, Jason talks about playing Rocket League, eating "hash" and where the hell October is going. Jason also relives his favorite FACTS memories. Then, Jason gives his impressions of E League on TBS. Finally, it's Old Guy Sci Fi and a doozy from 1977. Go Dodger Blue! Enjoy the show by subscribing on iTunes!

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Sniff Sniff Sniff

In another solo effort, Jason goes around the news with Elon Musk's trip to Mars, Rogue One Toypolooza and much more. Jason then tackles the presidential debate [SNIFF] four days later and some observations made by NOT watching the [SNIFF] event. Old Guy Sci Fi this week: The Greatest American Hero. We also promote (and say farewell) to Michael Wistock! Subscribe and review on iTunes! 

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105: ScarJo's Ghost, The Rock's God & Mr Robot? Oh

Jason flies solo and discusses Agents of Shield, Rebels Premiere, Ghost in the Shell and Moana. Also, a new segment: Old Guy Sci Fi! And welcome back to our sponsor: Headshrinker's Press! And what 3 fictional characters are you?

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104: 50th Anniversary of 1st Star Trek Episode + Josh Explains Juggalos to Jason

Josh and Jason discuss Star Trek on the 50th anniversary of the airing of the 1st episode Sept. 8, 1966 (@10:13-50:15). Plus, Josh explains Juggalos to Jason an Jason discusses the local clown problem (@3:50-7:56), and we talk sports video games (7:57-10:13). Also, iPhone 7 and new PS4 stuff. Rate, review and subscribe on iTunes!

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103: Your boyhood nerd crush, Suicide Squad and more

Jason, Josh and Keith get down to the nitty gritty -- who was your boyhood nerd crush and why? The answers might, umm, surprise you. Plus, we talk Suicide Squad and whether or not the might Marvel PR machine is suffocating any chance for DC to get any traction in theaters. All that, plus a little sports and a little bit of everything else. Download on iTunes and LibSyn! (PS We're off the week of Sept. 2; back again the next week!)

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102: No Man's Sky, Steam VR, Rogue One Trailer #2

Jason, Josh and Keith go long on three topics this week. First up, the Rogue One trailer #2. How's it look? What's it say? If our past experiences with the new Ghostbusters and other trailers were a litmus test, then not much. Still, we chat it up. Then, Josh goes Loooooooooong on Steam VR. How's it feel? Does your head get hot? Headaches? Nausea? A great insiders segment on the VR experience and what you can look forward to when it comes to you. Finally, No Man's Sky. Reviews call it meh. 18 quintillion star systems? Lots of space in that mall? Maybe, but is it a dull or exciting space? Side conversation about Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest! Also, Jason's near-death automotive experience and the joy of the Krispy Kreme Key Lime Pie (not an endorsement). Make your commute or workout that much better by downloading and listening via on Libsyn or iTunes!

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101 (Short Show): Luke Cage, Ghostbusters Sequel, Much More

Jason flies solo this week to talk about a whole bunch of things including Ghostbusters (new) sequel, Ocean's Eight, Suicide Squad's second weekend, Luke Cage and much more. Subscribe on iTunes and join us on Facebook!

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100: Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, Steam VR, Reminiscing

We made it! Episode 100 goes almost 2 full hours with current discussion on Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond and Steam VR, among other topics. We also reminisce on shows that were and run our mouths about life, liberty and the pursuit! Get it on iTunes or on LibSyn!

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Josh and Jason talk Supergirl's move to CW, Oscar Isaac caking on the makeup and California Raisin suit and our review of Captain America: Civil War. Plsu, 10 minutes of sports and small talk that made us laugh. NSFW for language, Josh's mostly.

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Josh and Jason do the run-up and anticipatory conversation prior to the release of Captain America: Civil War. Plus, 10 minutes of sports and much more. NSFW for language.

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