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Take two minutes and listen to the reasons why you should buy yourself a copy of Battlespace.

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Jason and Keith (with special guest Mario Levardi) talk about the FACTS 2011 Convention in Gent, Belgium Oct. 22-23, 2011. Includes complete review of the event, fans, and celebrities. Two interviews include one #Cosplayer who fabricated his own Predator costume. Another interview with a 501st Legion, Dutch Garrison member, and she talks about why she Cosplays and much more. Plus, the Geek Planner and Michael in the preshow. Don;t miss a minute recorded live from FACTS 2011 in Gent, Beligum!

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Another blockbuster show for you this week! We explore what science fiction has brought to life from credit cards to scuba diving. Then, tear headlong into our favorite starships. In the news this week: faster than light particles, Barry Pepper gets an Emmy and Star Wars Blu-Ray records. Also, Rick Springfield is a vegan, co-host Keith Houin hosts tipsy, All the Young Girls Love Alice, and Michael WIstock fantasy baseball team ends the season. Join us now!

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Join us for the name-dropping, best-podcast-going-into-the-Comic-Con of all time on this week's episode. Michael recaps his experience with PotterPalooza, with Jason and Keith reporting in their experiences in Belgium and Paris. Then we switch gears and talk about Comic Con. Michael has attended all but four years in the past 20 or so. He's got experience and he'll be reporting in from the site in our next show (Aug. 2). We also open up the valult and stash six more things inside. PLUS, don't miss a chance to win a show t-shirt by counting the number of names Michael drops along the way. It's easy to do. Listen and find out how.

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This is the full interview with Eric Trautmann, writer of Red Sonja and Vampirella. Eric also spoke with us about his time working on the Halo video game series. That portion of the interview, about 15 minutes, can be found in Episode 005 of The Science Fiction Show.

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