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In another solo effort, Jason goes around the news with Elon Musk's trip to Mars, Rogue One Toypolooza and much more. Jason then tackles the presidential debate [SNIFF] four days later and some observations made by NOT watching the [SNIFF] event. Old Guy Sci Fi this week: The Greatest American Hero. We also promote (and say farewell) to Michael Wistock! Subscribe and review on iTunes! 

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105: ScarJo's Ghost, The Rock's God & Mr Robot? Oh

Jason flies solo and discusses Agents of Shield, Rebels Premiere, Ghost in the Shell and Moana. Also, a new segment: Old Guy Sci Fi! And welcome back to our sponsor: Headshrinker's Press! And what 3 fictional characters are you?

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104: 50th Anniversary of 1st Star Trek Episode + Josh Explains Juggalos to Jason

Josh and Jason discuss Star Trek on the 50th anniversary of the airing of the 1st episode Sept. 8, 1966 (@10:13-50:15). Plus, Josh explains Juggalos to Jason an Jason discusses the local clown problem (@3:50-7:56), and we talk sports video games (7:57-10:13). Also, iPhone 7 and new PS4 stuff. Rate, review and subscribe on iTunes!

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