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Ep 91: REVIEW of Star Wars The Force Awakens (contains SPOILERS)

Josh and Jason review Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The first 11 minutes are a review that is #NoSpoilers. However, the final 75 minutes have #Spoilers. You'll know when the break from #NoSpoilers to #Spoilers happens when you hear the Rebel Force band play. We cover the gamut and it's a great Christmas present for you as you take in your multiple viewings of the film. Join us now by downloadling here or subscribing on iTunes!


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Ep 90: 10 BOLD predictions for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We're one week out. Here are 10 things we think we'll see in Star Wars The Force Awakens. The range from the not so surprising to the stuff you'll be going, "WHAAAAAAAA?" Maybe. Again these are predictions, not spoilers, so I hope you'll join us and listen in! We also talk a bit about the Oculus Rift and PC gaming to ease our way into the prediction mayhem! Join us! NSFW for language and lots of laughter and fun!

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We tally the latest news on Force Awakens, plus Superman v Batman trailer discussion and a new talk on films made from video games. Join us!

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