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EP 88: Force Awakens Speculation, George Lucas & 501st Weaponless

More speculation on Star Wars The Force Awakens plus we discuss the parting-of-ways between George Lucas and Lucasfilm/Disney. What's it mean to Star Wars? Was Lucas needed anymore? Plus, the four films being released the same day as TFA and why the 501st is going weaponless on premiere day. Walking Dead and Game of Thrones plus some College Football NCAA rolled in. Subscribe on iTunes!

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EP 87: Force Awakens Speculation, Walking Dead, Peter Jackson

We delve further into Episode VII trailers and previews as we march toward the premiere of the film! Special guest Geoff Spakes helps Jason Tudor break down Star Wars, Walking Dead, Peter Jackson's admittance on the Hobbit. Plus a preview of SciFiCon at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany and more! star wars, force awakens, walking dead, peter jackson, hobbit, alan moore, podcast, itunes, entertainment, funny

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Jason and Josh go long on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plus a Fallout 4 review, the "Warcraft" trailer and we talk about homemade railguns. Great episode!Star wars, force awakens, fallout 4, bethesda, Jason Tudor, Joshua Gray, Max Von Sydow, Captain Phasma, Spoilers and MORE!  Subscribe on iTunes! 

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Episode 85: Star Wars Trailer Wrapup and Speculation, More!

Jason Tudor and Josh Gray give a post mortem and long discussion on the final Star Wars VII trailer, explore fan theories and have a few of their own. There's 40 solid, entertaining minutes of this. Then we talk about the new Star Trek TV Show, Doctor Strange and much more. Join us!

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