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Episode 70 of the Science Fiction Show is alive on iTunes, YouTube and Vimeo! Here's a rundown:

-- 3:29-17:00: We discuss the potential of new dino flick "Jurassic World" with senior dinosaur correspondent Austin May, exploring the "what ifs" and showing you on-location photos.

-- 17:00-22:00: It's all Robocop, but be warned! @Wistock saw the film just after our review and changed his opinion (which is available via our Facebook page).

-- 27:00-27:25: Austin plays the "Star Wars" theme on his banjo!

-- 27:42-30:25: Let's talk about Gravity! @Wistock comes clean -- he should have seen this sooner.

-- 43:00-44:15: Walking Dead

-- 45:14-54:12: @Wistock details his latest adventure to Skywalker Ranch, where he was able to stay at the inn and sleep with a couple of famous Star Wars artists. Wait, what?



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It took us way too long, but we've busted into 2014 with our first venture into video. How do three friends with Skype make a podcast? Easy -- and you get to hear it. In Episode 69, we talk the 2014 movie line-up, inclduing what to look forward to this year. We look back, peeking at Oscar™ nominees in the Science Fiction genre (gravity anyone) and much more. It's a video first for us and we hope you'll join us! Subscribe on iTunes, and watch on YouTube, Vimeo and our web site!

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