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We have a deep discussion about the Playstation 4 and discuss whether or not it can overcome its foibles. We then discuss the recent round of Star Wars casting and whether or not it was just a big PR ploy. Finally, some thoughts on the Guinness World Record Night at Rancho Obi Wan and the largest Star Wars collection in the world. Great show! Lock in and listen!

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Science Fiction Show Co-host Jason Tudor has written and produced a parody of Lordes "Royals" with a Star Wars theme. It's called "S-Foils" and you can get it right here!

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The Science Fiction Show reviews "Thor: The Dark World" in about 25 minutes. WARNING: big, giant spoliers in this. Make a choice and listen wisely! Summary: GREAT filmn with great characters, CG and it keeps moving! Join @wistock and @jasontudor (25 mins.)

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Agents of SHIELD rolls on, we dream up another Sharknado sequel, discuss the new "Riddick" film in-depth and interview musician Aaron Kusterer on the future of music and how stars handle themselves in social media. All this and author Nick Eftimiades is BACK! Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review! Also find us on SPreaker, radio reddit and on our web site at (85 minutes)

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We shave co-host Keith Houin's head, get involved with LIVE combat with knights in full armor and interview friends from the 501st Legion all in one GREAT episode. Listen and enjoy on iTunes, Apple TV, Spreaker and radio reddit!

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Recorded at Pete's Hennypenny in Petaluma, Calif., Nov. 1, Mike and four friends examine the film, discuss its impacts and its relation to Orson Scott Card's books. They also talk a few of the film's themes and there are SPOILERS. Enjoy this fun, explorative and insightful review of the film!

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