The Science Fiction Show

A podcast of epic proportions talking Grand Theft Auto V and how it made $9,300 a SECOND in its first day of release. Also, Star Wars VI casting rumors, Michael's visitg to Pixar, and a GREAT discussion about video game movies, bad and good, suggested by one of the listeners! Download in iTunes, listen on Apple TV or catch us on Radio reddit or Stitcher!

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Are comic book movies dead? WHERE are ALL the blu ray featurettes for Star Trek Into Darkness? Is Riddick worth seeing? How are we helping projects onb Kickstarter and Indegogo? Did Michael get to meet someone HEAVILY involved with Star Wars Episode VII? ALL these questions answered in a triumphant return following a summer break!

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Apparently, there's a 1-900 line for Oblivion junkies. And apparently we managed to catch a recording of some of the, umm, action. This opens episode 62. Have a listen. 

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