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Recorded LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con 2013, Lantern City creators Bruce Boxleitner, Trevor Crafts and Matthew Daley speak with show co-host and exectuive producer Michael J. WIstock about the release of the prequel illustrated novel "Rise." This is a fantastic EXCLUSIVE conversation you do NOT want to miss. Subscribe on iTunes, like our FACEBOOK page and hit us up on Twitter.

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NASA Astronaut Kevin Ford opens a whirlwind episode 60! We talk the fury of Sharknado and then jump into the best discussion of Pacific Rim you'll find on the Web. Then, we interview the team of one of the hottest comic properties on Kickstarter, Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy of "World War Kaiju." But we don't stop there; we talk Celebration Europe, D23 and why Michael isn't going to Comic-Con. We wrap up with some discussion on Star Trek Into Darkness and can't understand what's with Furious Fanboys for hating on it. There's a great pre-show reel plus Michael mention "Oblivion" -- again. Download on iTunes and tell a friend.

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