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Grant Imahara opens Episode 57 and we launch into an unabashed look at IRON MAN 3 leads off Episode 57 of the Science Fiction Show! Also, Jason, Keith, Michael and new co-host Austin May dive into STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, discuss the ARMED WITH SCIENCE interview with the Mars Rover Curiosity (seriously, they couldn't have named it Jeff or something?), and a long talk about the potential failure of WORLD WAR Z. Plus, Spock-on-Spock action, Black Panther casting choices for Avengers 2 and the "Round the Verse" game returns with a ticking clock. Subscribe on iTunes, join our quest for 1,138 likes on Facebook and give us a listen!

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As Michael chases a hot tub across Northern California, Keith and Michael pick up the pace with engaging conversation about IRON MAN 3 (prior to Jason's instant review, available in our iTunes feed). Also, some "Star Trek Into Darkness" conversation, we talk the new TV series "Defiance" on SyFy, our WALKING DEAD giveaway (signed comic by creator Charlie Adlard) and the name BARKEVIOUS MINGO. Will Michael show up before the end of the show? FIND OUT by listening! Subscibe on iTunes and catch us on our web site,

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Just out of the theater May 1, @jasontudor and his friend Tom give you the low-down on IRON MAN 3. Hint: It's GREAT! 7 minutes.

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