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In this episode, Jason, Michael, Keith and Austin May talk about the changes with Marvel Comics. Do they compare to what happened with the "DC Comics Reboot" and much, more more. Then, we dig into movie trailers and all the clichés that come with them. What makes a good one? What makes a BAD one? What films did the trailer dupe us? CARMINA BURANA! Finally, a new feature: Round the Verse, a game show of best SciFi banter. All your in the "I Can't Drive 55" episode of the Science FIction Show. Also, don;t forget about our HUGE promo giving away stuff all the way to Like number 1,138 on our Facebook page! Subscribe on iTunes NOW!

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Episode 54 is all #Starwars sequels and spinoffs. Which character gets a film? Which don't? How likely is Chewbacca for getting his own film? Why did we need Mitachlorians? What about a Star Wars RomCom? It's all here in THIS episode. Subscribe on iTunes!

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