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We're off hiatus to bring you the most extensive, insider audio look into Comic Con you will find. We go day by day to reveal what's inside the Comic Con and some of how it got there. From the fan boys to mechandise, Michael and Jason break this down in a number of ways. Then we talk Dark Knight Rises and the tragedy in Colorado. We hit a few brief points before ending up on why Jason liked "John Carter" and Michael still does not. Plus, Battlespace and MUCH more. Subscribe on iTunes and get your fix NOW!

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Take two minutes and listen to the reasons why you should buy yourself a copy of Battlespace.

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Our Comic Con power episode: we have a lunchtime sit down with Rancho Obi-Wan leader and Star Wars guru Stephen J. Sansweet and Star Wars insider, producer and friend of the show, Criag Miller. Don;t miss this!

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It's what happens when three podcast hosts decide to try to do something they've never done before: publish a book for a charitble cause. So, how did they do it? This show gives everyone some insight into how a book can get made, including some details on the actual publishing process. It also talks about how the gang managed to reel in Stephen J. Sansweet to do the book's introduction. Plenty of insight in 30 minutes.

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The boys jump into an action packed episode talking about Comic Con! Michael and Jason will be in attendance. So, Michael gives him the lowdown and what to expect in part 1 of this insider info. Then, it's new Spider Man movie talk. How will it do? Why so soon? And, WHY IS ANDREW GARFIELD TURNING TO ADULT ENTERTAINMENT FOR INSPIRATION? All that plus news and much more. Subscribe on iTunes or download now!

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