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Join us for Episode 044 where Michael and Keith battle it out over the quality of the second season of Falling Skies. All that plus news and much more! Subscribe on iTunes!

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Episode 043: Prometheus (SPOILERS)/Halo 4 Exclusives from E3

Facehuggers be damned, we're back with Episode 043 of The Science Fiction Show! After a bit of news, Keith and Michael break down "Prometheus" and tell us where it broke down. MAJOR SPOILERS throughout this part of the podcast, but if your dare, do enjoy! Michael follows that up with a recap of the Halo 4 debut at E3. Detailed insights to what will happen. As a surprised at the end, Michael recorded 343 Studios' briefing about the game just before he went inside and played it for 20 minutes (and yes, Michael brags about that, too. All this plus discussion of the anthology and mentions of our friends in the Dutch Garrison of the 501st Legion! Subscribe on iTunes, tell a friend and listen now!

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With Michael phoning in his third of the show from a big box store, the Science Fiction Show takes on the Venus Transit. More you ask? We also discuss the ramifications of DC changing one of its Green Lanterns into an LGBT character. Then, we talk to you about Iron Sky and what we thought. Better? Worse? Worth seeing? Finally, Michael tells us about his adventure at E3 and checking out the many games upcoming for 2012 (including Halo 4). Also, Michael be screening Prometheus at Fox Studios(!) and Rutger Hauer opens the show! Fun stuff! Subscribe on iTunes and tune in this week!

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