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Just in time for the U.S. premiere of "The Avengers," The Science Fiction Show goes the FULL hour talking about the film and the comic (mostly the film). Some great insight here from hosts Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael J. Wistock as they breakdown what makes the film great and why Marvel Entertainment is enjoying so much success in cinema these days. The episode includes news stories about the film, as well as in-depth film discussion and insider tidbits. We cap it off with a review of the Avengers comic books and a few bits of other randomness sprinkled in between. In depth and entertaining, as only you can expect from The Science Fiction Show. Subscribe on iTunes and download this episode right now to be ready for opening night in the U.S!

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A BEST OF episode brings you two interviews. In the first, the boys talk to comic book legend Steve Rude, who waxes on a great many topics, including a return to Nexus and working with Mike Baron. This interview originally aired July 2011. And, in one of our favorite "insider" Hollywood moments, Shannon Shea talks about all things special effects, including how the craft is changing from practical to digital. He's also got a few things to say about director James Cameron. This interview originally aired in June 2011. Subscribe on iTunes for EVERY episode and join us each week!

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Three DAYS worth of Science Fiction Show episodes yields it's 15th minute of fame and the worst science fiction movie ever using's movie madness bracket. Join the boys as they set sail for a bad movie champion and arrive in places you might find surprising. Plus, a huge run-up to Game of Thrones and all the conference calls you desire! RECORDED MARCH 30, 2012. Subscribe on iTunes! Join us this week!

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