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In the American tradition of the college basketball Final Four, io9 has created a field of 64 worst science fiction movies. The Science Fiction Show breaks them down to the round of 16, including how we feel about The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Green Lantern and so many many more. We roll the whole show on this topic, save a bit of news to kickstart the episode. It's an epic show that gets you to the 16 worst movies in Science Fiction history (perhaps). Don;t miss this one. Take us on your workout or hook us up at work. Subscribe on iTunes!

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The Science Fiction Show returns with another master stroke. And we say stroke because there's more sexual innuendo in this show than there's ever been and not by choice. On the srious side, we talk "John Carter" with Michael, who also clues us into Mass Effect 3. Keith handles the quiz this week and Beth Bartlett is back with the Geek Planner. Take us with you on your workout or the train ride to work. Subscribe on iTunes!

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We discuss what's happening with the Star Trek Franchise plus we speak to author Cary Caffrey. 72 minutes of bliss this week!

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