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Toy maker and artist Chris Reiff joins the show. Also, we reflect on Star Wars EPisode I in 3D, and the quiz is GANGBUSTERS this week. Join us! Subscribe on iTunes and tell a friend!

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Jam-packed with interviews, "The Science Fiction Show" returns packed to the rafters with great stuff! We welcome the return of Star Wars artist Chris Trevas upon the release of the book "Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual." He gives us a bit more insight, plus talks about the new Sith book he's illustrating for. Then, we talk to Carl Cunningham, who's writing a book about Star Wars filming locations in the United States. He's visited them and now he's got the book done -- he just needs a little help from you via Kickstarter to bring it to life. Finally, Jojo the Circus Bear returns to offer thoughts about gameplay in "Star Wars: The Old Republic." He's sharp and usually spot-on when it comes to these things. And we're glad to have him back. This, plus the usual hijynx, the Geek Planner, an official food special with our name on it at a real restaurant, and the return of a FUNNY preshow opener. Don't miss an episode! Subscribe on iTunes now!

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MySciFiShow cohost Michael Wistock interviews Bioware's Jesse Houston about Mass Effect 3 at E3 in Los Angeles. With Mass Effect 3 on the horizon (release date: March 6), we're excited about this game and privileged to have had the chance to interview Jesse. Enjoy!

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