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Various segments recorded during the live broadcast of the Science Fiction Show during Sci Fi Con 2012 at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. Interviews with Air Force Blues cartoonist Austin "Farva" May, Science Fiction author Michael Z. Williamson and author Stefan Alford. Plus a great wrap up segment interview with Con organizer Jarrod Garceau. Subscribe on iTunes and join us this week! PS, we're sorry the opening segment YELLS AT YOU!

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We wrap up our coverage of FACTS 2012 from Gent, Belgium, with three interviews, including Freakangels artist Paul Duffield. He talks about his work and the time with Warren Ellis. Then, we chat with R2 builder Stuart Bone, why he decided to invest so much in the robot and what makes it special. We also talk with 2K games representative John Ball about XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Subscribe on iTunes and don't miss an episode!

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Keith and Jason assault FACTS 2012 and come away with part 1 of a two part special that includes WALKING DEAD goodies! Norman Reedus? Interviewed! Charlie Adlard? INTERVIEWED! Plus, we make our rounds around the Con and bring in Michael to close out the end of the show. Don't miss Part 2 either! Subscribe on iTunes!

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In this special edition of the show, Michael takes us through the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Discover Science Center in Santa Ana, California. Michael got VIP tickets and saw into the nooks and crannies of the event. What did he see? Find out in this EXCLUSIVE episode! Subscribe on iTunes and help us spread the word.

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Jason, Keith and Michael are back talking about the Dark Knight Cartoon just released by DC. What did Jason think about his favorite graphic novel being turned into (finally) a full length movie? Jason discusses the recently released part 1. Also, Michael comes around to Prometheus AND John Carter. What brought him there? We also preview two upcoming apperances in Belgium and Germany. Subscribe on iTunes!

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Mystery episode 038 is here! We have a fantastic debate about "work for hire" by comic book artists! We reference Dodgeball! Firing the Disney chairman! We talk about why films about DC Comics mostly fail! We spoil the Avengers movie! The high school football jersey mandate! We butcher Kevin Feige's name! Ghost Rider! Have we outgrown the idea of Superman?! Why am I using so many exclaimation points?! Find out in this episode! Subscribe on iTunes!

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We think the title says it all. Join us for the albeit late released Episode 049 where we talk about a smorgasboard of things include what's talked about in the title. We also talk scramjet, Halo 4, Total Recall and much more. Subscribe on iTunes!

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You came to hear us talk about Dark Knight Rises, but stay for the discussion about Curiosity the Mars Rover, Falling Skies and Star Wars Celebration VI! Lots of audio surprises on this one. Subscribe on iTunes and join us now!

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Hollywood Science Fiction author, producer, director and self-proclaimed eclectic Paul M. Sammon joins us for Episode 47. He talks about Ridley Scott, Prometheus, Blade Runner, Dune and the state of science fiction in film today. Join us for a very special 75-minute sit down with someone whose knowledge and insights span from the genre's stops and starts of the 1970s to today. It's a one-of-a-kind interview that you'll only find here with us! Subscribe on iTunes!

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We're off hiatus to bring you the most extensive, insider audio look into Comic Con you will find. We go day by day to reveal what's inside the Comic Con and some of how it got there. From the fan boys to mechandise, Michael and Jason break this down in a number of ways. Then we talk Dark Knight Rises and the tragedy in Colorado. We hit a few brief points before ending up on why Jason liked "John Carter" and Michael still does not. Plus, Battlespace and MUCH more. Subscribe on iTunes and get your fix NOW!

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