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Another blockbuster show for you this week! We explore what science fiction has brought to life from credit cards to scuba diving. Then, tear headlong into our favorite starships. In the news this week: faster than light particles, Barry Pepper gets an Emmy and Star Wars Blu-Ray records. Also, Rick Springfield is a vegan, co-host Keith Houin hosts tipsy, All the Young Girls Love Alice, and Michael WIstock fantasy baseball team ends the season. Join us now!

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We review all 11 films in the "Star Trek" catalogue as we pay tribute to the 45th anniversary of the TV series this week. In addition to our regular news update, we also take time to review the COOLEST vehicles in science fiction. Millenium Falcon, anyone? The usual preshow hijinx and the wisdom of not having a Blu-Ray Player. Join Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael Wistock for Episode 016 this week!

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Jam packed return of the three best podcast hosts on the planet in Episode 015 of The Science Fiction SHow! We open with a little news, but waste NO time rolling into the Star Wars Blu-Ray release. Ups, downs, highs lows, yes's and NOOOOOOOOOO! It's all here. Then we go long and deep on the chance of a new Blade Runner film that Ridley Scott has signed on for. We talk the original film, originsm the book and SO much more. Plus, what will happen with the next film? It's all here. Plus, Michael's weight gain and Keith shoots his guns! Join us this week!

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