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Such a FANTASTIC blend of all things Science Fiction Show this week. First, you get a full 10 minutes of pre-show. How does the sausage get made? You'll hear that here plus our usual phone call to Roy's AND we call a Gamestop to ask for Battletoads. The show kicks off with Michael's review of Planet of the Apes (includes SPOILERS). What he liked and what he did not like. Then, we're on to a few more bits of television and film news. Then, what are the best and worst reboots in Science Fiction films. Keith, Jason and Michael weigh-in. We wrap up the show correcting a segment from last week -- Science Fiction bombs. We target films and we have everyone's favorite SciFi dud to close it all out. Plus, a tribute to our 100th Facebook follower and general mayhem. We're off Aug. 23 so we'll see you again Aug. 30!

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Science Fiction based video games take center stage this week. What makes a good one? What makes a bad one? What are some of the greats? The boys line them up and knock them down with aplomb in this week's episode. Also, all this Dark Knight Rises hype is scaring your hosts. Now that Anne Hathaway's confirmed and been seen in the skin-tight duds, what does that do for the value of the film. We weigh in. Finally, a hodge podge of goodies that includes water on Mars, the Jupiter probe, a Green Latern sequel and Jason's screw-up from last week. All this and SO much more in Episode 013 of The Science Fiction Show.

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We return from a one week break with Michael giving EXCLUSIVE insight to things you may have missed at Comic Con, as well as reviews of Captain America and Cowboys & Aliens. We also get our hands dirty talking about clothing in Science Fiction films, the good, the bad and the otherwise. Finally, we put a listener's item into the vault. What is that item? Tune in and find out! DON'T FORGET -- iTunes subscribers get the show before anyone else. So, subscribe today!

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