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Join us for the name-dropping, best-podcast-going-into-the-Comic-Con of all time on this week's episode. Michael recaps his experience with PotterPalooza, with Jason and Keith reporting in their experiences in Belgium and Paris. Then we switch gears and talk about Comic Con. Michael has attended all but four years in the past 20 or so. He's got experience and he'll be reporting in from the site in our next show (Aug. 2). We also open up the valult and stash six more things inside. PLUS, don't miss a chance to win a show t-shirt by counting the number of names Michael drops along the way. It's easy to do. Listen and find out how.

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In addition to including three new entries to our online glossary, The Science Fiction Show rolls into Episode 010 on the heels of the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The boys discuss the affect the shuttle program has had on their lives and where you can find the shuttle in motion pictures. Also, filmmaker Josh Johnson returns tp update us on "The Rocket" production and spend the show with us talking all sorts of things. He also talks about his coziness with former guest Eric Trautmann. Plus, Star Wars, Plant or bacteria enters its final rounds. Who wins this week? Tune in to find out!

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Legendary comic book artist Steve Rude took 40 minutes to discuss getting back into comics, his opinion of the DC reboot (also why he believes DC is the best landing spot for him), women in comics, the documentary being produced about him and much more inthe interview with Jason Tudor, Keith Houin and Michael Wistock.

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Episode 009 ROCKS into your world with a review of Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon courtesy of @Wistock and the story of how he convinced the theater manager to show the film after a system failure! Also this week, we choosethe best SciFi films with robots (or androids) in them, then wrap things up by stowing six more things in the vault. Also this wee, don't forget our interview with Steve Rude AND the debut of "Things We Edit Out," one minute of MySciFiShow stupidity! Join us this week!

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A little insight to what gets sent to the cutting room floor each week. About one minute. Enjoy and don;t forget to subscribe to The Science Fiction Show on iTunes and listen to our archived episodes!

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