The Science Fiction Show

Don't miss this week's episode of The Science Fiction Show. Highlights:

  • Discussion of the 34th Anniversary of the premiere of "Star Wars: A New Hope, Episode IV"
  • Interview with writer Mike Baron, co-creator Nexus and creator Badger comic books
  • Ripping Jason about his Tron: Legacy review
  • The debut of "The Science Fiction Show Bucket List"

And much, much more!

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Join us this week as we discuss the end of television's Stargate series'. We also talk to author Adam Slade. Adam wrote a great SciFi novella called "Strand." We also talk about what remains on television for SciFi fans and our own roots in science fiction. Finally ... the debut of our weekly quiz: "Star Wars, Plant or Bacteria." Listen in and let us know what you think!

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Episode 002: Why No Han Solo Movie?/Tron:Legacy

The Science Fiction Show rolls in this week with a hot topic: why doesn't Han Solo have his own movie? A worthy discussion with Jason Tudor and Keith Houin that includes special guest Michael Wistock, Star Wars oracle and head maintainer of the Steve Sansweet Fan Page on Facebook (the one with 5,800 followers). Also this week, we discuss Tron: Legacy, and dive deep into the 2011 movie season. Longer show, new music, better mics AND Ron Jeremy. Don't miss listening this week!

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It’s our debut! The Science Fiction Show is now available via The Furnace every Tuesday! My friend, Keith Houin and I chat up a number of topics in our kickoff event, including the opening of “Thor.” I saw it and … well, listen in and find out. Also, we discuss the summer SciFi movie season, squeeze in a bit of SciFi television talk, and much much more this week. As a side note, I recorded this literally minutes after stepping off an hour-and-a-half train ride from watching “Thor” (explained why in the show), so it has its bumps and bruises.

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