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It's the End of Year Finale! Best and worst movies, TV, video games and more covering a wide range of SciFi. Music, fun and entertainment -- it's all right here concluding 2011 with a bang!

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We're thisclose to ending 2011, but we managed to get one more in before the big awards show. A bit of news from all around including DC Comics' Booster Gold, Terra Nova and much more. Then we go long on The Dark Knight Rises, including what may or may not be happening with the film. Finally, we wrap it up talking about our upcoming anthology, how to submit and much more. Michael's not with us this week but you get a Howard the Duck reference anyway plus ... boob jokes! It's all here in this jam-packed episode!

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We're LOADED up big-time in Episode 025, with an intro not to be missed that included Wesley Snipes arriving at the premiere of "Twilight:Breaking Dawn" and taking care of business. Then, 5 minutes of preshow leads you into our best show yet that includes news about Twilight, neutrinos, The Bionic Man and more. Then, we give you nine perfect gives for your SciFi fans this holiday season include a light cycle, a vacation AND a new television. Plus, we discuss "Science Fiction Movie mistakes," give you our Christmas movie choices, get an appearance by Jo Jo the Circus Bear AND someone wins a FREE show T-Shirt. And so much more. Not to be missed! Subscribe today!

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Twilight: Breaking Dawn opens, Green Lantern Animated Series, the reopening of Rancho Obiwan and much, much more for this week's episode! Includes Jason's story about his new tattoo and Star Trek's Garrett Wang getting the limp wrist from ... The Shat? One of our best ready for you this week!

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We return with all three hosts this week, but unfortunately were forsaken with some audio problems. We regret those but hope you can listen to some great stuff, including a FACTS recap, the reopening of Rancho Obiwan and our weekly Geek Planner. We'll have the audio problems fixed next week! Thanks!

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"Mercury Falls" author Rob Kroese joins us for an interview on the release of Mercury Rises and a some other projects he is working on. Plus, the return of the Geek Planner with Beth Bartlett!

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Jason and Keith (with special guest Mario Levardi) talk about the FACTS 2011 Convention in Gent, Belgium Oct. 22-23, 2011. Includes complete review of the event, fans, and celebrities. Two interviews include one #Cosplayer who fabricated his own Predator costume. Another interview with a 501st Legion, Dutch Garrison member, and she talks about why she Cosplays and much more. Plus, the Geek Planner and Michael in the preshow. Don;t miss a minute recorded live from FACTS 2011 in Gent, Beligum!

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Episode 020 is a 90-minute jam packed adventure, including Michael's near-death experience, Star Tours, Harry Potter and a full feature onthe upcoming FACTS Convention that Keith and Jason will be attending. Also, do NOT miss the brand new music by guitarist and musician Aaron Kusterer plus a pre-show that will leave you laughing for hours. Steve Jobs, American football's Al Davis, the Geek Planner with Beth Bartlett and more. Come get it!

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Star Wars artist Chris Trevas joins the Science Fiction Show for Episode 018 this week. Chris talks about how he got started as an artist and his big "Star Wars" break. Chris also discusses his latest projects, including the new Millennium Falcon book and The Book of Sith. He offers details on the painting he did for "Robot Chicken" creator and actor Seth Green. There's a dead tauntaun cake and the story about how Chris pushed Michael into a hotel bathroom on a luggage cart. Plus, in the preshow mix, Michael attempts to coax Chris into a few impressions. Learn some new nuggets about Star Wars and join us for Episode 018 this week.

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